I’ll be seventy years old in May. The first time I voted was in 1972; my ballot was enthusiastically cast for George McGovern as an act of opposition to Richard Nixon and the Vietnam War. I since have considered only a few elections to be really important. One was in…

Impatient inquiring American minds want to know:

  • Who were part of the 74.2 million citizens that voted for Donald Trump, 11.2 million more than he received in 2016?
  • Who were part of the 81.2 million citizens that voted for Joe Biden, 15.3 million more than Clinton got four years ago?

Assessing the Democratic Party’s Performance in the 2020 House Elections

By Edward Hamburg

Michael Tomasky was thinking for many of us when he wondered in a recent essay what the Democrats actually won in the November 2020 elections. He first states the obvious: the defeat of Donald Trump. But he…

Understanding the Composition and Constraints of Trump’s Support

By Edward Hamburg

What was frightening about the 2020 presidential election was the 74 million of our fellow citizens that voted for Donald Trump, eleven million more than in 2016. How was this possible? This anguished question merited the headline of a…

It May Be Up To Florida

By Edward Hamburg

A substantial increase in mail-in voting will be one of the many ways the 2020 elections will differ from others in American history. Voting by mail has, of course, been part of the American electoral system from its inception (see, for…

The path to heaven is self-muting

By Edward Hamburg

Like so many religious communities around the world during the coronavirus pandemic, mine on the Southside of Chicago has maintained the disciplines and retained the gifts of regular worship services and study sessions.

The formats are, of course, quite different. Video-conferencing…

Who has the edge in November?

By Edward Hamburg

We often see American elections through the metaphor of a horserace: candidates begin campaigns (earlier and earlier) by bolting out of starting gates, they race down tracks as their movements are breathlessly recounted by multiple announcers, odds-makers adjust to their changing…

By Edward Hamburg

When analysts feast on data as they project the outcomes of national elections in the United States, results from presidential-year contests are considered steak while those from midterms are dismissed as chopped liver. With no Presidential candidates heading party tickets, these “off-year” elections ordinarily get two-thirds the…

By Edward Hamburg

Attempting to cope with life under yet another year of the Trump Administration, Democrats consistently search for answers to the question of what will happen in November. …

Edward Hamburg

Edward Hamburg serves on the boards of directors of high technology companies. He received a Ph.D. in political science from the University of Chicago.

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